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Victoria Frankel, MS

Founder, Validity Science Communications

With an academic background in cellular and molecular nutritional sciences and entrepreneurial experiences as a scientific writer and marketing consultant, Victoria has developed an understanding of the internal and external machinations behind the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical sciences.


As a Knoxville native and University of Tennessee alumna, Victoria has built her career in New York City and has since refocused her efforts on the growing expansion of STEM organizations throughout the nation. Focusing heavily on evolving the local scene in biotechnology, Victoria hopes to improve awareness and the remarkable resilience of health-tech firms devoted to supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology.

She approaches all new things with an insatiable curiosity and is continuously looking to connect with leaders in biotechnology, nutrition, life sciences, medical, and pharmaceutical ventures. Her hope is to establish strong relationships with a mutual pursuit and enthusiasm for scientific discovery.

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Validity Science Communications is a female-led firm created to re-establish the integrity and excitement of scientific discovery within the general public. Victoria works to dismiss the common misconceptions often tied to scientific research and STEM professions in order to broaden public awareness and acceptance of general science themes. Moreover, Victoria strongly believes in the future of a well-informed public and utilizes keen insight and creativity to connect them with your products, people, and research.

Molly Coyne

Media Partner, Validity Media Solutions

After nearly a decade of specializing in social and digital media strategies for many companies in a variety of industries - both in-house and with agency experience - Molly has brought to life the vision of Validity Media Solutions. With VMS,  Molly is dedicated to creating a cohesive social and digital experience for life science brands and beyond around the nation. Molly has comprehensive experience and a deep understanding of the KPIs that matter and strives to out-perform professional goals and industry benchmarks.

Molly has always had a passion for communication and bringing stories to life. You may think, stories? But yet, each and every company and/or brand is its own story. Whether that be about an amazing scientific discovery, a new technological development, a new place to travel to get away from reality, or even a new hobby to enjoy, each has its very own story that gets brought to consumers each and every day. Bringing excitement to the forefront through social media and video content is what VMS was created for.

Molly is Media Partner to Validity Science Communications through her work with VMS. She is excited to bring new brands and companies to the next level in their different industries through a more creative approach.



Dr. Sarah
Frankel, PhD

Director of Brand and Consumer Behavior

Sarah has a robust background in consumer behavior, with a Ph.D. in Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Management, along with a Graduate Certification in Qualitative Methodologies from the University of Tennessee. Her published, peer-reviewed, academic research has centered around consumer behavior, internet of things (IoT) adoption, and her epistemological views of cultivating inclusive, equitable, and evidence-based approaches within higher education.


As a certified qualitative researcher, Sarah is well versed in the constructs of rigorous inquiry and innovative approaches to data collection and analysis. She believes that this foundation can assist in enhancing best practices in brand management and understanding of ever-evolving consumer behavior. 


Sarah's experience in collaborative research designs and retail trends allows her to invigorate agency brands with modern principles relevant to the industry and their consumers. Her keen creative eye and analytical skillset are essential components to the team and their contribution to clientele.

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The team at Validity Science Communications, are science communications professionals and dedicated advocates of STEM who take an assertive stance on the growth of women in these fields. Featuring stories and challenges shared by Women in STEM, their goal is to help support and improve equality, diversity, and equity among science-based organizations.

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follows the core pillars of


transparency, creativity, boldness, and validity

to further the reach of life-changing discoveries.

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology,
in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.
                                                - Carl Sagan


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